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Coaches Call to Businesses:

Sponsor a Junior’s Customized Sports Care Package

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Touching Lives, One Care Package at a Time: Join Us in Spreading Joy

At Jerseys for Juniors, each sports care package is more than just a collection of items; it’s a beacon of hope and a burst of joy for children facing challenging times in hospitals. These packages aren’t just boxes filled with memorabilia; they’re personalized treasures, tailored to each child’s beloved team or player, bringing a piece of their passion into the hospital room.

Imagine a young fan, amidst the sterile hospital walls, suddenly lighting up at the sight of their favorite player’s jersey or team’s gear. This isn’t just about sports; it’s about creating a moment of pure, unadulterated joy during a period filled with medical procedures and emotional turbulence. It’s about breaking the monotony of hospital life with a surprise that says, “You’re not alone.”

Our team works discreetly with hospital staff to ensure these gifts are a complete surprise, adding to the magic of the moment. The impact? A child’s day is brightened, spirits are lifted, and for a moment, the challenges of their situation take a backseat to excitement and happiness.

We believe in the power of community and kindness. Through your sponsorship, your business isn’t just supporting a program; you’re becoming a part of a child’s healing journey. You’re sending a powerful message of hope and solidarity to a child who needs it most.

Join us in Coaches Call to Businesses. Together, we can turn a routine day into an extraordinary one, full of smiles, gratitude, and the kind of joy that resonates well beyond the walls of a hospital room

Sponsorship Cost: $500.00

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Business name accompanied with the delivery of the care package on social media posts and blog posts. (ex: Project Ravens sponsored by Turia Web Design)
  • Logo presented on the main page of this website under Supporters

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