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Letter from Eddie

November 1, 2021
Eddie Bath

My name is Eddie Bath and if you’ve seen the About Us page I am the founder and President of Jerseys for Juniors. Sports has been a big part of my life from playing, coaching and collecting. It helped shaped how I operate within a team, developed leadership skills and learned about staying humble when you win or lose.

Sports is an avenue of hope. We look to our favorite players and dream to be like them one day. Even if we don’t make it we still had a dream. It is those emotions I want to capture and bring to the community and through your donations we can make a difference in so many ‘juniors’ lives.

If you choose to donate – I want to thank you in advance. If you can’t donate – that is okay as well; I’m just honored you are reading this and hope that you share our vision and mission with others.

We aim to be honest and transparent with your donations. We all work hard for our money and for you to give to us means you trust me and this organization. And for that I’m deeply appreciative. Please visit our social media links for more up to date content and back here for any news and updates to the organization.

-Eddie Bath

President, Jerseys for Juniors