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Operation Hawk

May 27, 2022

This was our first sports care package as newly formed charity.  We reached out to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital to let them know about Jerseys for Juniors and what we do. Immediately we were put in touch with the Life Services Director, Suzanne, and the relationship was born.  I’m extremely grateful that MUSC believed in our mission and allowed our service.

A few weeks after initial contact with MUSC, we learned of a huge Seattle Seahawks fan so we went to work by contacting a local frame shop called Eastbound Custom Framing.  Ben at Eastbound was excited about our mission and eager to be involved. Inside the frame we have these cards.  Unfortunately, a few months after the frame was delivered Russell Wilson went to the Denver Broncos.

In the center of the frame is a large Seahawk patch made by an artist we found on Etsy. (Unfortunately, the shop isn’t available anymore).

The final result of the frame was incredible.  Ben did such a great job capturing what we wanted and was extremely detailed.

Finally, we had a personalized jersey made using the famous Seattle #12.

I’d like to thank Suzanne at MUSC, Ben at Eastbound Custom Frames and everyone who has donated.  We operate completely on donations, so this is all only possible because of you.