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Operation LAKC

May 28, 2022

This junior out of the Medical University of South Carolina Shawn Jenkin’s Children’s Hospital was able to decorate his hospital room.  We learned he was a Lakers fan and also a Chiefs fan, so we reached out to someone name LJ.  LJ creates custom sports card and created this incredible Kobe Bryant and Patrick Mahomes 1/1 card.

Because he could decorate his room we made this mini Chiefs helmet into a nightlight.  We also had a custom LED logo lamp, made from an artist named 3pointGeek, to put on his shelf.

We got this Lakers fleece blanket for his bed and this Lebron James fathead for his closet door.

Finally, why he’s walking around the hospital we got him these t-shirts.

We didn’t know this at the time, but as we were delivering this to the hospital he was rushed into surgery.  He never received our gifts but we also later learned that these items provided some comfort to the family.  God works in mysterious ways, and I truly believe we were building this for the family.